Ultra-fine grinding – fly ash grinding

SBM milling equipment has been in the industry leading position, including high-strength milling machine, high-pressure micro-grinding, Raymond Mill, ultra-fine grinding, fly ash grinding, high grinding, high-strength grinding, grinding station, powder station Variety, products to environmental protection, energy saving, efficient, stable known, word of mouth has been good to build SBM milling equipment, the first brand is the purpose of our development.
SBM ultrafine mill is mainly applied to limestone, activated carbon, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass and other non-flammable mineral chemical products, and building materials industry more than 280 kinds of materials, high-fine powder processing; Life is also inseparable from the milling equipment, many food processing industry is also an important part of milling, such as the early wheat, corn and other granular grinding, but more is used in mining. High-fine grinding is the material after crushing, the re-crushing of the key equipment, models into a cylindrical rotating structure, by the feeding part, the material, the Ministry of rotation, gear parts, with good wear resistance.
SBM fly ash mill finished product size is generally in the range of 80-325 arbitrarily adjusted, the main parameters: the expected particle size is generally between 0.075-0.044, the central shaft speed 105 r / min, grinding ring diameter between 127-470mm , Grinding ring height between 150-170mm, milling equipment can also be based on production requirements with feeder, conveyor and so on.
Adhere to and promote the SBM culture, is to achieve a new round of strategic development targets SBM objectives, so that SBM Foundation Evergreen fundamental guarantee, but also SBM to achieve their own comprehensive development of the fundamental guarantee! In recent years, SBM for the continuous development of milling equipment, the products are exported to the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and other dozens of countries, with extraordinary product quality and excellent technology to win the praise of users! Welcome to visit the international businessmen visit SBM!

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